Halsman: Facets and Faces

Photographers who capture an iconic image are often confronted with a paradox: the celebration of a single photograph overshadows the entirety an artistic oeuvre. Yet what happens in those rare situations when a single photographer is responsible for scores of iconic images?

This is the question that was explored by the Halsman: Facets and Faces exhibition. Philippe Halsman (b. Riga, 1906; d. New York, 1979) remains one of history’s most esteemed photographers, yet there is no consensus as to what constitutes his most important work. The groundbreaking jumpology series that created a bold vision of identity through movement? His famed pcitures of Alfred Hitchcock that set a new standard for interpretive portrait photography? His collaborations with Salvador Dalì that are a monument of the Surrealist movement? By juxtaposing these disparate facets of Halsman’s artistic expression, this exhibition assembled a harmonious portrait of a photographer whose genius transcends any single image.

°CLAIR Gallery presented Halsman: Facets and Faces from December 15, 2016 to January 12, 2017 at Franz-Joseph-Strasse 10 in Munich. Vernissage the evening of Thursday December 15, 19h30. For more information about the exhibition, contact Anna-Patricia Kahn at anna@clair.me

Purchase Information

The featured image is a fragment of Duke and Duchess of Windsor by Philippe Halsman, 1956. See the full image *here*. Certified vintage print. Copyright the Philippe Halsman archive, Courtesy of the °CLAIR Gallery. Purchase inquiries are welcome via email at anna@clair.me