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Je Suis Charlie

Paris, Porte de Vincennes, 10 January 2015 | Photograph by Patrick Zachmann  | © Patrick Zachmann, Magnum Photos |Courtesy of the °CLAIR Gallery.

Paris, Porte de Vincennes, 10 January 2015 | Photograph by Patrick Zachmann | Courtesy of Patrick Zachmann, Magnum Photos, and the °CLAIR Gallery.

This particular text will be more personal than usual, more emotional too, a reflection of the wave of shock unleashed by the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

When the °CLAIR Gallery was created in 2008, it was guided by the desire to share and transmit those emotions that great photographs and cherished artists inspire within us. By exhibiting the work of these women and men, we hope to emphasize the deep humanity that connected them all.

We believe that the relationships forged between visitors, collectors, artists, and the works themselves, however diffuse and surprising these might be, help accentuate both our individual and collective capacity to discover the other and others and allow us to better understand the world and those that surround us.

All of the artists represented by the °CLAIR Gallery, whether they be contemporary artists or members of the Magnum agency that was founded amid the rubble of the Second World War to testify to the horrors, each and everyone of them has embraced an essential pursuit: to Show and Transmit without ever veering toward complacency, without ever losing resolve in the face of threats or difficulties. We wish to thank them here for having always made a passionate contribution to a world still in the process of becoming and to have so faithfully resisted the temptation to cede to the ever-swirling negativity, to the pessimists, the defeatists, the revisionists of every sort.

In the aftermath of the terrorists attacks that have plunged us into mourning, we want to reiterate the importance of these artists who serve as the conduits for our society and we wish to reaffirm our fervent desire to work with them as they fulfill this vital role.

The °CLAIR Gallery is clearly Charlie and we would like to address our deepest and most sincere condolences to the families of all the victims of these terrible attacks.


Ce blog-ci se veut plus personnel, plus émotionnel aussi, à la mesure de l’onde de choc créé par les attentats de la semaine dernière à Paris.

°CLAIR a été créé en 2008 avec comme unique boussole l’envie de transmettre et de partager les émotions et réflexions que suscitent les œuvres des photographes et artistes que nous chérissons. Nous voulions en exposant, les travaux de ces femmes et hommes souligner le lien humaniste qui les relie.

Nous croyons que les relations qui se créent entre visiteurs, collectionneurs, artistes et les œuvres elles-mêmes contribuent à leur manière, à la fois diffuse et surprenante, à accentuer notre capacité individuelle mais aussi collective à découvrir l’autre et les autres et à mieux comprendre et aimer le monde et ceux qui nous entourent.

Tous les artistes représentés par °CLAIR, qu´ils soient membres de l’agence Magnum fondée sur les décombres de la deuxième guerre mondiale pour témoigner des horreurs passées ou bien artistes contemporains, toutes et tous ont travaille et œuvrent autour de ce désir la: Montrer et Transmettre sans jamais se laisser aller à la complaisance, sans baisser la garde devant les menaces ou les difficultés : Je les remercie ici de contribuer toujours avec passion a un monde en devenir et à résister aux sirènes des empêcheurs de tourner en rond, des pessimistes, des défaitistes et négationnistes de tous bords.

Au lendemain des attentats qui nous ont endeuillés nous voulons réitérer l’importance de ces passeurs que sont les artistes pour nos sociétés et de notre fervent désir de travailler avec eux.

°CLAIR est clairement Charlie et adresse à toutes les familles de victimes ses condoléances les plus sincères.

Jacques Henri Lartigue

Chamonix, 1918 | Photograph by Jacques Henri Lartigue © Ministère de la Culture - France / AAJHL | Courtesy of The °CLAIR Gallery.

Chamonix, 1918 | Photograph by Jacques Henri Lartigue © Ministère de la Culture – France / AAJHL | Courtesy of The °CLAIR Gallery.

The °CLAIR Gallery is now working with the Donation Jacques Henri Lartigue and represents the archives of this renowned French photographer. Lartigue (1894 – 1986) began taking photographs at the age of seven and was fascinated by the technological marvels of this time. His photographs of early automobiles and airplanes are celebrated, but it was his sense of movement as can be seen in the image above that truly defined his genius. A complete biography of Lartigue can be read *here*.

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The featured image is ‘Chamonix, 1918′. Pigment print on Hahnemühle paper, printed by artist. Signed on back with certificate. 40cm x 40cm. Edition of 4 (+2AP). °CLAIR Gallery exclusive.

All purchase inquiries must be made through email to °CLAIR Gallery director Anna-Patricia Kahn: anna@clair.me

Alvin Langdon Coburn

Waterloo Bridge from London Bridge, London 1903 | Limited edition modern Platinum Palladium prints | 28.5 cm x 22.6 cm | Courtesy of 31 Studio / The George Eastman House / The °CLAIR Gallery.

The °CLAIR Gallery now represents the oeuvre of Alvin Langdon Coburn, one of the pioneers of American photography and one of the transformative figures of early 20th century art.

Coburn was born June 11, 1882 in Boston. His early work was admired by Frederick H. Evans and he went on to study under Edward Steichen in Paris. His portraits of figures such as G.K. Chesterton, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Henry James established him as a master of literary portraiture, a reputation that was further enhanced when George Bernard Shaw wrote the preface to his first major catalogue. Coburn was also a vital part of the pictorialism movement and his cityscapes of London and New York remain some of the most evocative images ever recorded of those cities.

“Alvin Langdon Coburn stands amid the pantheon of great photographers and it is a true honor to be working with his archives,” said °CLAIR Gallery director Anna-Patricia Kahn.

These exquisite prints of Coburn’s photographs are the result of a special collaboration with 31 Studio, one of the world’s foremost platinum and platinum-palladium printers. 31 Studio also works with the °CLAIR Gallery for the Lee Miller archival prints.

A revealing reflection on the life and work of Alvin Langdon Coburn can be read *here*.

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The featured image is ‘Waterloo Bridge from London Bridge’, London, 1903. Limited edition modern Platinum Palladium prints. 28.5 cm x 22.6 cm. Courtesy of 31 Studio/The George Eastman House/ °CLAIR Gallery. °CLAIR Gallery exclusive.

All purchase inquiries must be made through email to °CLAIR Gallery director Anna-Patricia Kahn:  anna@clair.me