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Jacques Henri Lartigue

Renée, 1931 | Photograph by Jacques Henri Lartigue © Ministère de la Culture - France / AAJHL | Courtesy of The °CLAIR Gallery.

Renée, 1931 | Photograph by Jacques Henri Lartigue © Ministère de la Culture – France / AAJHL | Courtesy of The °CLAIR Gallery.

Jacques Henri Lartigue rejoiced in life and had an insatiable fascination for all that surrounded him. For more than six decades, he used photography to preserve those exquisite moments that created such joy for him. The Créateur de Bonheurs exhibition unites more than 50 of these sublime images in both black and white and colour, including a rare selection of signed, vintage prints.

Download the media release for the Créateur de Bonheurs exhibition here.

°CLAIR Gallery presents Créateur de Bonheurs

From February 25, 2016 to April 1, 2016 at Franz-Joseph-Strasse 10 in Munich.
Vernissage: The evening of Thursday, February 25th, 19h30.
For more information, contact Anna Patricia Kahn at anna@clair.me

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The featured image is Jacques Henri Lartigue’s Renée, 1931. © Ministère de la Culture – France / AAJHL. Courtesy of °CLAIR Gallery. Purchase inquiries are welcome via email at anna@clair.me

Eikoh Hosoe at the Weltkunstzimmer

Kamaitachi #17 | Medium: Silver gelatin print | Size: 29,9 x 45,4 cm | 1965 | Signed © Eikoh Hosoe/courtesy °CLAIR Gallery

Work by °CLAIR Gallery artist Eikoh Hosoe is included in an upcoming exhibition at the Weltkunstzimmer that explores the complex beauty and art of Butoh dance.

The Butoh Photography exhibition runs at the Weltkunstzimmer contemporary art centre in Düsseldorf, Germany from February 11, 2016 to March 12, 2016 with a special vernissage to be held on February 10 at 19h00.

Butoh is a style of Japanese dance theatre founded by Hijikata Tatsumi in the late 1950s. As described in the catalogue, the Butoh Photography exhibition “shines light on an important issue for the photography of Butoh dance: the relation between model and photographer, between documentation and staging. What is the significance of the photographer’s relationship with the dancer for the specific aesthetic of the photographs, which exceed pure documentation of the performances? Would a survival of Butoh be at all possible without a photographic heritage?”

Eikoh Hosoe (b. 1933, Yonezawa, Japan) is an experimental artist who has spent more than 50 years demonstrating his unique mastery of the photographic medium. He became involved in several celebrated Butoh dance projects in the 1960s. More information about the work of Eikoh Hose can be found on his artist page.

The Weltkunstzimmer is an interdisciplinary arts centre with a focus on visual arts, music, and performance. It opened in Düsseldorf in 2012 in conjunction with the Hans Peter Zimmer Foundation. More information here.

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The featured image is from Eikoh Hosoe’s Kamaitachi series. Silver gelatin print, 29.9 x 45.4 cm. © Eikoh Hosoe, 1965. Courtesy of °CLAIR Gallery. Purchase inquiries are welcome via email at anna@clair.me

Oliver Mark at the Lindenau-Museum

Oliver Mark exhibit at the Lindenau-Museum

A collection of Oliver Mark’s photographs are being shown as part of a major portrait exhibition at the Lindenau-Museum in Altenburg, Germany. Mark’s photographs are featured along with paintings by such artists as Domenico Ghirlandaio (15th century) and Michiel van Mierevelt (17th century).

The show runs until April 3, 2016. Mark will appear at the museum for a conference with the journalist Andreas Tölke on Saturday, February 27th at 16h00.

Oliver Mark (b. 1963) is renowned for his portraits of aristocrats, artists, and celebrities. His work has been published in magazines such as Vogue and Vanity Fair, while his photographs have been exhibited in museums around the world. More information at his artist page or his personal website.

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The featured image shows the collection of Oliver Mark portraits on display at the Lindenau-Museum. For further information about the availability of any prints of these images, inquiries are welcome via email at anna@clair.me