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Shadows by Alexandra Grant & Keanu Reeves

Shadow, 2, by Alexandra Grant, 2014, after Keanu Reeves’s “You better look I may not be there tomorrow ” | ©  Alexandra Grant – Keanu Reeves | Courtesy °CLAIR Gallery

The °CLAIR Gallery now has exclusive, world-wide rights to represent the renowned Shadows photography project created by Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves. This major development is being celebrated with a special online exhibition that runs from 14 February 2018 to 7 March 2018.

“This is an exceptional collaboration that reveals the nuanced visions of both artists,” says °CLAIR gallery director Anna-Patricia Kahn. “Our gallery is honoured to have the opportunity to work with contemporary talents of such extraordinary scope.”

Visit the exhibition at the Artsy site or the special °CLAIR Gallery page.

Shadows is a photosensitive encounter between an artist-photographer and an actor-poet. In a ritual dance, he offers up to her gaze his feelings, failures, wounds, and raw power. His shadow is born from light. Rather than obscuring the light he moves incessantly around her and her camera’s lens. His shadow shapes and reshapes itself, taking the form and telling the story of an ancient deity, an errant ghost, a beast and an eternal source of light, warmth and protection.

In Shadows she allows us to see his body’s double, his soul, which cannot be captured otherwise. Shadows are truths from beyond our present moment, from time immemorial, the time of myth. They are a subtle presence which invite us, as viewers, to understand that the hereafter is here and now; they provide us a possible telepathic link across the depths of what we fear encountering most, our desire.

His shadow never ceases moving or lets itself be caged or trapped in one pose or another. His hands are those of a earth-bound magician, one who transforms clay into tiny figures that become men when he breathes life into them. There is neither darkness nor guile in the shadow; it emanates white or colored light, auguring only possibility. From the perspective of her lens, his shadow doesn’t haunt or glide by like a ghost; it flickers like a fire full of life, a crackling force. As an image, it doubles upon itself, superimposes one iteration upon another as an optical illusion, a game, the trace of an apparition.

His shadow reveals itself to be fragile, wavering across the liminal bounds of our present, ready to disappear at any moment. To capture this vulnerability the artist stays open and aware, but at a safe distance, ready to tame, assuage, and reassure the shadow with her camera and her self that he won’t become prey, that she will preserve his liberty to come and go at any moment.

Seeing Shadows is like hearing a long poem recited in the dancing of two bodies, one tangible, the other ethereal. The lyrics are delivered like a prayer from the depths, a prophetic song filled with light that reveals what we, as humans, do not know yet.

——Valerie Fougeirol/ Curator

Alexandra Grant is a text-based artist who uses language and networks of words as the basis for her work in painting, drawing and sculpture. She has been the subject of shows at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles), the Contemporary Museum (Baltimore), and galleries in the US and abroad. Grant has explored ideas of translation, identity, and dis/location not only in drawings, painting and sculpture, but also in conversation with other artists and writers, such as her long-term collaborator, hypertext author Michael Joyce, the actor Keanu Reeves, artist Channing Hansen, and the philosopher Hélène Cixous. Grant maps language in different media: from intricate wire filigree sculptures to large scale drawing/paintings on paper. She investigates translation not only from language to language, but also from text to image, spoken language to written word, and representations in two dimensions to three dimensional objects. Some of the basic queries that fuel her work are: How do we “read” and “write” images? How does language place us? What is the role of the hand in a world dominated by electronic communication?

Keanu Reeves is an actor, director, writer, and musician. He has appeared in such iconic films as My Private Idaho, Speed, and The Matrix. He founded the band Dogstar and has published several works including the poetry collection Ode To Happiness. He is also one of the publishers of the X Artists’ Books project.

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The featured image is Shadow, 2 by Alexandra Grant, after Keanu Reeves’ “You better look I may not be there tomorrow”, 2014. © Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves, courtesy of °CLAIR. Purchase inquires are welcome via email at anna@clair.me


Onwards and Upwards : Site Relaunch

Marseille by Patrick Zachmann, 2006 | © Patrick Zachmann - Magnum Photos | Courtesy °CLAIR Gallery

Marseille by Patrick Zachmann, 2006 | © Patrick Zachmann – Magnum Photos | Courtesy °CLAIR Gallery

The °CLAIR Gallery is delighted to announce that it will be launching a new version of its website for the spring of 2018. The new site will continue provide a selection of the most acclaimed images in contemporary and classic photography, while also supporting the gallery’s mission to serve as a cultural mediator between photographers and collectors.

“We are deeply committed to the art of photography and building a bond of trust that embraces photographers, photo archives, collectors, and institutions,” says °CLAIR Gallery curator Anna-Patricia Kahn. “Our new site will provide a window onto both the artists we represent and the exhibitions we curate so that we can better serve the entire photography community.”

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The featured image is Marseille by Patrick Zachmann, 2006. © Patrick Zachmann—Magnum Photos. All rights reserved, courtesy °CLAIR Gallery Purchase inquiries are welcome via email at anna@clair.me